Grilled Cheese. Craft Beer. Music. Arcade.

Craft Beer & Wine!

Here at Sarbez! we LOVE craft beer. We have the local stuff, the not-so-local stuff, and even some weird stuff. We even have regular beer, that you know... isn't craft beer. The domestic American stuff, and some of that fancy-schmancy foreign stuff.

Not into beer? No problem... WE HAVE WINE! Not into wine? ...Kombucha! Not into that either... well, we have water and juice and lots of other wet liquid things! Come in and taste it all!

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Ryan pouring beer - Circa 2017

Grilled Cheese!

Mmmm... Delicious!

Without a doubt the best gourmet grilled cheese in all of St. Augustine. Probably all of Florida even. Maybe even the world.

We pride ourselves in the art and craft of the most delicious sandwich known to man. Not only that, we keep the kitchen open until 2am which makes us ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO GO FOR SOME LATE NIGHT GRUB!

Think about it... if you have been out all night enjoying the neighborhood pubs and clubs, we're literally the only peoople open around here serving food UNTIL 2AM! It's unbelievable! Dude, you won't be disappointed. You're going to love it.

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Music & Events

Welcome to the most kick-ass place in all of St. Augustine to support local music!

Seriously, we take this stuff seriously. We LOVE our local artists and we do what we can to give them the best place in town to flex their musical muscles. We have shows nearly every single day with music ranging from Reggae to Country, to Funk and Electonica. It's insane!

THAT'S NOT ALL! We also host non-music events like art shows where artists can display their artwork and even make a few sales!

So in short... come on in and listen some to jams and buy something for your house!

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Where awesome shows happen!

Sarbez! Arcade!

Dude, look. Arcade.

The Sarbez! Arcade! is not only the best arcade on Anastasia Island, but probably all of St. Augustine. In fact... it's probably the ONLY arcade in St. Augustine! Can you think of one? I surely can't!

We have awesome Pinball machines... STAR WARS pinball being one of them! Also old school favorites like Pac-Man and Gyruss... even Ghots and Goblins! Did we mention air hockey? Dude, air hockey. It's insane here and we're always getting more!

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    Location & Hours!

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday-Thursday: 12pm-12am
  • Friday-Saturday: 12pm-2am
  • Sunday: 12pm-12am
  • Happy hour: Tuesday-Friday, 4-6pm